This film is notoriously difficult to find, but here it is:

Released:  1967

SUMMARY:  This film could be considered a documentary, but it also has elements of art and experimental films.  The topic of this film is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.  The film starts with footage of the Kennedy car traveling along its parade route, with the President and Mrs. Kennedy waving to the crowd.  The narration is a commentary, either by a television or radio reporter, and follows the action on screen.  When the shots are fired, the screen goes white, then flickers for several minutes.  Later, the same scene of the Kennedy car is repeated over and over, mixed in with pop culture images and clips, including several from the movie Frankenstein.  The narration continues to follow the progress of the assassination, from the shots, to the trip to the hospital, the death announcement, and early investigations.

MY TAKE:  The Kennedy assassination occurred a long time before I was born, so I have virtually no emotional connection to the event.  In addition, I know what happened after the shooting, so there’s no surprise in this film, either.  I think this film is an expression of one man’s emotional response to the event, but it’s hard for me to understand.  A big part of the film is the actual footage of the Kennedys, but obviously we have the Zapruder film, which I’ve seen multiple times.  This film just didn’t have anything to offer me:  my lasting emotion is irritation at the flickering part of the film, which got really annoying.  It was like watching a strobe light.

RATING:  Lackluster.


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